Eldhamn - Ep 7" - pre-order (ships 9th of April)
Eldhamn - Ep 7" - pre-order (ships 9th of April)

Eldhamn - Ep 7" - pre-order (ships 9th of April)

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Eldhamn is a solo project of Tommie Eriksson from 
Saturnalia Temple. Magic rock for those that like to dig deep. 

7" black vinly in a black dust jacket with artwork by Pelle Åhman (In Solitude, No Future). Covers hand-screen printed by Primeval Visions, using silver ink on black card. Includes beautifully drawn lyric sheet. Limited to 200 copies only!

"Eldhamn is a sound risen from the ashes of modern civilisation like a distress call, a beacon of cultural resistance against the decadence of the sleeping world. All citizens of the world are facing the inevitable and there are but three choices: The Waking Sleep, The Sleep of Death or The Sulphur Gaze.
The Waking Sleep is the state most people are in. In full co-operation with the false system of demiurgic falsity that is ruling the material level.
The Sleep of Death is the state of those that have realised the crisis but are overwhelmed by it and are simply waiting for Death.
The Sulphur Gaze is the sign of full illumination and when the eyes are destroying the false world with their alchemical sulphur, just by observing."