The Phonochromes -  "Sidetracked" 7"
The Phonochromes -  "Sidetracked" 7"
The Phonochromes -  "Sidetracked" 7"
The Phonochromes -  "Sidetracked" 7"

The Phonochromes - "Sidetracked" 7"

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The Phonochromes “Sidetracked" 7” is a shimmering clash of cult punk and wild pop-rock songs. Sparking off vibes of the Detroit rock tradition but filtered through an endless Finnish summer night.  A blistering back-woods road-trip partying with Dead Moon, MC5 and The Stooges but betraying a frenetic and youthful Scandinavian urgency. Anyone that’s seen high powered guitarist Jaakko Hietakangas and drummer Mårten Gustafsson live (of bands such as Speedtrap, Foreseen and Initiated) knows that they have always had the fiery roots of real rock and roll flowing through their blood. We’ve just been waiting for them to show their blues bones with The Phonochromes. Shining throughout the songs, the wistful, rare and distinctive voice of Gretel Kivioja (of Gretel's Moonlight Motel) gives the music it’s own soulful tone and timeless, classic feel. With the rhythms and bottom end of Kode Vertanen on bass and guitars, who shares the songwriting with Hietakangas and Kivioja, their future horizons are on fire. In the freak-out chemistry that The Phonochromes have captured, they make a swamp-land stew of tight, catchy rock songs that remain long after the needle lifts off the wax. Finland’s Deep South has a new, real rock and roll band that’s worthy of the patch space on that denim jacket.

Artwork by Samu Salovaara 

First pressing ltd to 200 copies on black wax in a black and white printed jacket, with a white paper inner sleeve, and the lyrics on the back.

The Phonochromes are:
Gretel Kivioja - vocals
Kode Vertanen - guitars and bass
Jaakko Hietakangas - guitars
Mårten Gustafsson - drums and percussion

Get one before these guys blow up!

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